Happy Kayak Cabo de Gata awarded for its quality

Our company has been awarded in the VII Comarca de Níjar Awards this year 2022 by Grupo La Voz de Almería and Cadena SER for being part of the project. SICTED.

This year's awards were divided into eight categories: Culture, Society, Sports, Business, Sustainability, Innovation, Economy, and Economy and Competitiveness. Tourism.

In this last category, the Tourism category, the following has been awarded SICTEDa project to improve the quality of tourist destinations, with the ultimate goal of improving the tourist experience and satisfaction.

And within SICTED, the award has gone to the company Happy Kayak Cabo de Gata along with 33 other companies working on this project.

What is SICTED?

SICTED is a statewide project that helps to improve the internal management of the tourism service, especially the processes related to customer satisfaction. It also increases the qualification of the participating company's team through a training plan consisting of more than 27 training modules.

The State Secretariat of Tourism (SETUR), with the support of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) promotes this project.

It is the largest tourism quality project developed in Spain.

How to recognize that a company belongs to SICTED?

When a company works within this project and passes the pertinent evaluations, it obtains a distinctive which accredits the level of tourist quality obtained. In our case, you will be able to find the distinctive at the bottom of this web page, as well as in the Happy Kayak Cabo de Gata store in San José.

The distinctive "Tourism Quality Commitment"is the support that proves compliance with the requirements established in the methodology. It also recognizes the effort and commitment to quality and continuous improvementIt also distinguishes the tourist service company from its competitors.

The badge is valid for biennialalthough it is conditioned to an annual follow-up evaluation. The visual badges that are available to those distinguished in the SICTED platform must be applied.

Our thanks for the award

We thank both the group La Voz de Almería as well as to the Cadena Ser and, of course, the Níjar Town Hall their interest in improving and promoting the quality of the Comarca de Níjar as a tourist destination, which will undoubtedly result in a greater influx of visitors knowing that they come to an area dedicated to offering the highest quality of services we offer.

The work of La Voz de Almería and Cadena Ser has been to organize these awards giving relevance to the work that companies have been doing in favor of the quality of our service and that of the City of Nijar has been a constant support in the development of the SICTED project as they were the first to join this program as a tourist destination and without whose help and collaboration our work would have been imporsible.

Thanks to all of them for allowing us to take our region and our companies to high levels of quality from which we will all benefit.

Quality Certificate SICTED Happy Kayak Cabo de Gata
SICTED "Commitment to Tourism Quality" Distinction

Our company is very proud of the work it has been doing on this project.