Start of 2010 season activities - Happy Kayak

Happy kayak has started the 2010 season with a new activity forthe national fencing team.
The national fencing team spent the 15th of April in the natural park of Cabo de Gata - Nijar and did canoeing and mountain biking activities. The day did not go well as it was raining at dawn but finally we could get into the water and enjoy the scenery from the sea, these days the park is especially beautiful as there are thousands of flowers on green meadows that contrast with the volcanic rock.
In addition to the presence of Pirri Olympic medalist, we had the company of the whole team, who are doing very well in various international competitions.

Happy kayak will officially open the 2010 season with this event and informs you that you can book your excursions every weekend in May. From June we will be daily at your disposal until September 20th.